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Zameer- Mind,heart,conscience ******************************** Hamein zameer bechna aya hi nhi varna, Daulat kamana itna bhi mushkil nhi. ~unknown

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Nothing beats the original

This picture was taken when I was on the way home. I was walking on Chandigarh streets and there I saw some construction was going, and there were these two people. The first thought came to me by seeing them was ‘they must be father and son’. Seems son is trying to introduce ‘social media’…

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Safar-Dar-Safar ************************* Kyu Darein Zindagi Mein Kya Hoga, Kuch Na Hoga toh Tazurba Hoga. -Javed Akhtar We all are travelogues. We all are storytellers. We invent new stories daily on every step, on every way. Implies, life goes on… Whether you chose to walk or sit back, you should not be afraid of your decisions.…

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