Relatable hai.

Written by: @kaafivikrant(instagram) ************************* Kyu teri yaadein ab sirf khwaabo me ati hein, Kyu teri baatein ab sirf dusro ki baaton mein hi ati hein. Kyu anjani raah par mili vo ladki Hmesha yaad ati he abb. Kyu uska vo andaz abb har dusri ladki mein dhoondta hu, Kyu aaj jab usi rastey par jata…

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Zameer- Mind,heart,conscience ******************************** Hamein zameer bechna aya hi nhi varna, Daulat kamana itna bhi mushkil nhi. ~unknown

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Just hug me little tighter

Just hug me little tighter Hope so, it make feel lighter. Just hug me little tighter, Make me believe future is going to be brighter. Just hug me little tighter, And just say you are a super fighter. Be a constant to my variable pointer. Don’t keep my pointer null, Otherwise, I feel like a…

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I’ve heard these things from people around me, people I talked to, even the elders too. The same thing, but with different contexts and in different cases. I think It’s a matter of attention. And of course, there’s at least one snake in one’s life . Right?😂🤭 😒I want to write tag those snakes, but…

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