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I’m sorry!

“Sorry” It is not just a word when combined with an ecstatic feeling of pureness of heart. Sometimes when a person says it, They also mean it. The lights of the feelings…..

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Just hug me little tighter

Just hug me little tighter Hope so, it make feel lighter. Just hug me little tighter, Make me believe future is going to be brighter. Just hug me little tighter, And just say you are a super fighter. Be a constant to my variable pointer. Don’t keep my pointer null, Otherwise, I feel like a…

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  “BHEED ME ALAG, BHEED SE ALAG” People around this world is just a lie, everything is temporary, everything is a lie. And in this liar world, we never get the one who listens to us what we haven’t said. This cruel world is busy making you a “lie”. We are surrounded by the crowd, some are quiet and some…