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It is good for health

And Never should others. But, if life was so easy, what fun would it be? We should feel free to ‘cry’. Aansu hi to hein. . Fun fact: Crying is actually good for health. It flushes unhealthy bacteria out and relieves stress… This makes sense to cry for days, months, maybe every day😂. And dare…

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Heart speaks to Heart.

From the word HEART, the first thing we think is LOVE. We often hear people complaining or not satisfied with their present or past love stories. People are underestimating the power of love. Actually, when people see each other or the people whose love life is already working good, and expects theirs to be exactly…

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Nothing beats the original

This picture was taken when I was on the way home. I was walking on Chandigarh streets and there I saw some construction was going, and there were these two people. The first thought came to me by seeing them was ‘they must be father and son’. Seems son is trying to introduce ‘social media’…

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