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Let’s have a cup of tea!

A CUP OF TEA MAKES EVERYTHING ┬áBETTER! This story is a little different. Actually totally different. This story is kinda, neither I had met anyone, nor anyone met me! But the day, When I got to know the importance of that one cup of tea. Here’s the pic­čśé! Sorry, I am not that good in…

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(just imagine) The pair of three. Alarm set at 5 am sharp. Waked up at 8, with a dirty burp. Yawning like a monkey, scratching heads. Planning for the pizza, ended up with the boiled eggs. Now time to take bath, every possible force is applied to let that left toothpaste out. Ready at 12,…

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The trend.

As the new years go and goes, new trends are trying to change┬áus. It’s not a matter of choices, its a matter of an impact on people. An impact, that only coming through social media only. When there were no phones how happy we were then, no one doubts their physiques. But here what trend…

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