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Bachelor’s story

(just imagine) The pair of three. Alarm set at 5 am sharp. Waked up at 8, with a dirty burp. Yawning like a monkey, scratching heads. Planning for the pizza, ended up with the boiled eggs. Now time to take bath, every possible force is applied to let that left toothpaste out. Ready at 12,…

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COLORS🌈 ************** Nature is the best color plate. If you ever feel faded in your life or just black-white, like a monotonous life, just try to blend yourself in the colors of nature. I know you got it, what I mean. So beautiful, no? .. From color of skins to the colors of love. No…

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Life is a pleasure

Just look outside to that mysterious world, some fight for the trees, some fight for rats. But, you are lucky!! getting fat. When someone desires for the milk and the roasted fish, you got that before you make the wish. Every breath you take if without a mask, you are lucky. People learn to earn at…

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