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(just imagine) The pair of three. Alarm set at 5 am sharp. Waked up at 8, with a dirty burp. Yawning like a monkey, scratching heads. Planning for the pizza, ended up with the boiled eggs. Now time to take bath, every possible force is applied to let that left toothpaste out. Ready at 12,…

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You are beautiful 

This is to all girls. Girls who have braces on their teeth. Girls who are fatter in their teens. Girls who are dark in color. Girls who was never asked for a date. Girls who are always late. Girls who eat pizzas and burgers without worrying. Girls who don’t have attractive figures. Girls who the…

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Be yourself

“Aanewala Pal Jaanewala Hai Ho Sake To Iss Mein Zindagi Bitaado Pal Jo Yeh Jaanewala Hai”- Gulzar We all have our own kind of problems. We all have to deal with them alone. Isn’t it better, to forget them for a¬†while and to be yourself? No! To be yourself:¬†eat, cry, smile, fat and ugly, allowing…

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