Self-love and careSelf-care can include anything which makes you happy, which keeps you healthy physically and mentally. It can include exercises, dancing, painting, singing, reading, gardening i.e. whatever keeps you fresh, out of overthinking. Whereas, validation is sometimes useful, but can impact more negatively. So buddy, explore yourself, there’s another version of you lies inside.

Quote of the day
Obviously, we don’t have ability to end it right away. But we have an ability to reduce it. If not bigger, we can do smaller acts: 1.We need to help earth first, so that it can help us back. And to help it, we need to start form our bed. If you can make your bed after sleep, you can do anything. (It works) 2.From switching off the spare lights to watering or planting any kind of plant helps in reducing the danger. 3. At Least, we should kept our phone side for one hour. (It doesn’t mean stop using phone,but helpful for both human and earth) 4. Grateful for every food, air and water we get and by keeping it in mind we should focus and avoid every little wastage around us. .