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How to get wedding glow up

It’s time to get some good skincare for all the bride-to-be. But while completing all the to-do lists and all the wedding plannings like what bridesmaids should wear and where do your cousins should sit, It becomes hectic and especially when everything needs your attention. Making your skincare beauty regime can destress you also at…

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Why only 1% succeed?

We are so inspired and motivated by the positive posts, books, listening podcasts, and doing every possible thing to motivate all the time. But still, after doing all this and everything, only 1% succeed. What is it that most of the people failed? why it seems so tough to achieve the success that we dreamed…

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How to be an active listener

Putting your ego aside and engaging as a listener. 1. Pay attention First of all, for both parties to be communicating both have to be conscious. Paying attention is all about having a meaningful conversation which starts with fully immersing yourself into each other’s point of view and obviously you can’t do that if you’re…

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