One side we say… Proud to be Indian.
On the other side, people spit proudly.
One side we say long live India.
On the other side, people pee on the streets.
One side we say “sawach Bharat Abhiyan”. But no one thinks when they set their kids to piss under the stairs of the station, who are afraid of train’s toilets.
One side we say, kindly follow the rules. And Yes, people follow do follow the rules …. they pee on the area where there has been written “YHA THOOKNA MNA HE”.. see how honest they are about rules…. They are like ok! thookna mna he mutna to nhi… Let’s pee.
There has been written on the highways.. ‘please visit again’ on the very next we see ‘do not enter, accident investigation.’ Just imagine if we can feel such nonsense then ,
who want to wave, but can’t.
Who want to hear, sare jhaan se achaa, Hindustan hmara, but can’t.
Who need its respect every 24 hours, weeks, years, decades and people trying to pull it down with their every possible negative action.. … Then how can we say… “May you wave.” ISPAR VICHAR KRE! DHNYAWAAD.

I was sitting in my room, busy in fighting with my siblings and cousins. On that day of independence, the day of freedom, there was a war going on in my home. Well! We all do that.

But just imagine if all your anger lowers down by hearing some sweet voice!

Yes,  that was what happened to me.

Look at this picture. Well, I don’t have any idea how to click pics. But just see at his colorful flutes. This is the only way to make his family sleep well and a tummy full of food. These flutes have magic to convert your anger into calmness. And on that day this man whistling out the tune of “HUM HONGE KAMYAB”  and the most famous “YE DESH HE VEER JWAANO KA”.

By hearing this I just ran out towards the door and ask him to stop. He stops!. I asked him one question, uncle, how did you learn it? Or you have learned from someone, from your elders! He said, Nahi hamein Kisi ne Nahi sikhaya (No one told me How to play). He said, tell which flute should I give you. But I said, uncle! I don’t even know how to play this. He said, come here! Arey Ayo, ayo!… I just go. You just place your mouth on whistle hole, and blow, he said. He asked me for the song. Gulaabi Ankhein!!., I demanded. And the tune starts as if I was playing that. But this was the magic of his fingers, full of oil, he full of sweat, as all cleared in his pic. After that, I thank that man for making feel like a flute player for an instant. But guess what he said after this.

He said he has his own daughter of my age, who is his big fan and for whom he starts this work. Again love wins!! And I bought two flutes.

The thing is that we have all we want in today’s time, but still we do nothing. And this man who neither have the Internet neither have phone nor tutorials and still whistles it much better than youtube or others. This is the hidden talents wandering the streets with no opportunities. He can play all the tunes either they are 70’s or today’s disco songs, anyone. The most beautiful voice I hear when he started folks. The smoothness in his folks just made me crazy. And when he was ready to go in another street he said, one day he will be famous and make her daughter proud. And now see he is on his way. YOU ARE A GREAT MAN, SIR!

“God could not be everywhere, so he created mother”-Jewish proverb

Mom, who don’t care about her health.

Mom,  who is always available as your strength.

The one who teach us to love, to be kind and to be strong.

The one whose advice never gone wrong.

Whether an animal or a bird, mothers always rock.

We cry, we fall, we lose our strengths, but at last moms are always present.

Let’s apologize for being rude sometimes.

Let’s apologize for being every mistake we had done.

B’coz not everyone has that opportunity to live in the freedom of mom.

You are lucky to have your mom with you. Coz, in the end, she will be there for you.

Thank you, mom!For being my power.

Thank you, mom! For me,  to be here on this earth.

Thank you for everything, whether its sad or happy. Coz, you are the only book I have learned a lot and loads.

So let’s do our hats off for all the moms on this earth.

A little thank to the Queen.