Little dark lives

I took this picture, while I was in Chandigarh. While walking through this road, I saw this kid playing with a football having a wooden stick. Seems kid’s gonna be a next famous cricketer. But, when I was there , standing silent, taking his candid picture, one thought strikes. The thought of a kid with a dark lives. Lives they’re living in their head. It is just not about poor kid, but the every kid on this planet.

If you’re reading this, you sure had attended school. And we met with the children of our age, different abilities, some become friends and some foe (like, really a level of frustration) and some we just remember them as a lesson for us.

You never know behind their good marks and good image in school , they may be suffering from some serious issues. It can be unfriending or sometimes jealous of not having the same things as others have or something else we can’t imagine of. And sometimes it is just not about their dark lives, but the lag in race and treated as a poor kid.The image in their circle, beatings,etc. These all things like comparing your kid, make him insecure by telling him things, sometimes issues at home and ignorance make them weak.Those little brains process so fast when they hear something negative.

And those little kids, when stucked, won’t be able to understand our ‘adult’ lectures, they’re not all getting what you are telling them even if you’ve experienced it too. That time , kid just want attention and a fight for him, just as he wants.

Some survive, some not. Little issues, which we now as a adult use to laugh at, maybe as memories now, can be very traumatic for those little lives. They may can’t handle hate comments and ignorance.

But if you’re a parent, you must keep an eye on your kid, give them time, note their actions and drawings,thoughts and dreams, everything gives a sign.

Because, Every kid deserves a happy fear free life.


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