Letter I got that night

It was a party night,
I and my two friends
were busy taking pictures.
The room was dark
and some light music in the background.
I only can saw the table and the people wherever that blue disco light reached them.

I took a sip and
started dancing on the floor,
I returned back to the couch, I got a letter.
It was white, wet on one corner, something’s written on it with black ink.

It was written on it that:

I wonder
if you can come back to the floor
and dance with me,
believe me,
I can take you to the seashore.
Oh! You’re in a black dress,
ah! I know,
you want me to be impressed.
Every glimpse of you in this light
feels like stars in the night.
Please don’t go,
I never want to lose that sight.
Come with me,
I can show you
the letters I wrote for you,
the roses I thought I would give to you.
Tell me what else I can do for you.
Tell me, tell me fast,
if you want me to be with you?
Before the rose I want to give you…dies without you!


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