Sometimes hidden, sometimes shown, but, all have some care and love. Maybe the actions may be the words, it’s all of the above.

When hidden, we can’t judge it, but when shown, just don’t pretend, you get nothing.

It may be for your family, for your friends, for your younger ones, or for your special ones,

Just SAY them honest. SHOW them as we show to a newborn.

Obviously a big car or steep clothes,  never become a part of your feelings.

 It’s not about to show how opulent you are but to give a little priority.

 Just imagine the feeling, if you are alone and a dog comes, sit with you, better.

When you are listening to your favorite music, that emotion.

 If someone feels for you,  appreciate it, please don’t make them feel ignored.It’s all about perspective.

Just don’t take it offensive;

But let me tell you, a small walk with a poor kid is much memorable than a long drive with your girlfriend, just try.

Try to give chocolates to the children, because they don’t need your attention.

Try to give roses to old people, because they just need your love.

Try to give time to your family, because they are the only interested people in your life.

And at last these actions may become more enduring if done with your special ones.

Maybe someone’s smile will make your day.

 I may not be able to express it well, but at least do try if you feel for something.


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