Let the music play

In this busy world, I felt like I am the only free.

People enlighten themselves with music when they are free.

Yes. It’s a fun for me.

For a while, I felt like I am dancing with the world music, which enlightens me.

Just imagine if this world is a disco platform, the day and night are the disco lights and we all are dancing.

We all are dancing with some beautiful calls, vox of bangles, vox of horns, vox of water, vox of birds romancing.

Wake up your inner peace, close your eyes and feel that music.

Travel Travel Travel.

Air, shavers, and the thundering shocks.

The bangles, the tick-tock clocks, clippety-cloppety of a horse.

Explore, travel and indulge it in you.

Listen to it closely, so fun and sweet as you.

Just enjoy the every tone of nature’s crew.

See, how beautifully it let us make a new move.


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