It’s time to sleep now, cmon let’s start the conversation, pillow said.

That voice just attracted me towards the bed.

It’s time to think about the things which don’t even exists, I thought.

Your pillow listens it all without any complaint, pillow said.

Now I am in my dream, sitting in a flying car.

Then all of a sudden car changes to an albatross and the trip ends to the red carpet for the stars.

Lights, camera and action and I just crossed the china wall.

Hey!! Harry Potter calls me, I am like nice to meet you, and I fall.

I fall on the bed and face a minor heart attack.

Don’t worry!! you are safe.

Well, I saw your dream, it’s just a secret between you and me, my pillow said.

I wish I could restore that dream in me, I thought.

‘coz every dream has its different story.



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