All time favourite  


Children are my all time favourite.

Their puppy faces are my all time favourite.

Their laugh is my all time favourite.

If you are stressed, just laugh with them.

Laugh and laugh and laugh!

Kids are imitators, give them something good to imitate.

Their dreams are wonderful.

They think beyond the hope.

They laugh for no reason.

They have no hate no love, they just love the truth.

They are always determined for every little task.

Answer their silly questions, then see how creative you are.

No limits for them, and the world is not sufficient, they’re actually travelling in galaxies.

Millions of colours in their imagination.

I am just loving it.

Oh little kids, whenever I meet you, I just forgot all my worries.

Your little soft hands make me feel relaxed.

Your talks are just another laughter channel.

I like being a kid with you.

Just be yourself, at least you are the ones who don’t give fake smiles.


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