When I said smile, She was like this.

I met this girl days ago when she was busy in collecting Jammuns (blackberries). She was the youngest one in her gang. She was collecting those Jammuns and giving them to the elder ones. I feel pity for her. She was looking so cute while collecting, but all her beauty was hidden behind her threadbare clothes. 

By seeing all her courage towards collecting, finally, I call her. At first, she was just standing still and keep staring at me with her big green eyes with little doubt and fear on her face. I call her again with more love, more politely. Her gang members started pushing her by saying, “Ja di bula rhi he, ja ja !”.

Finally, she came and I gave her some biscuits and jammuns, and asked to eat only by herself, she said, “Theek hai!”. But still, the tiny’s heart can’t wait to share. She ran away and share those too with her elders. At that time I just feel shocked to see that 3 years old girl’s humanity. I don’t have words for her.

She gave me a lesson:

“Show your humanity to those who need it, Share your happiness with those who can’t pay it back. 

It would be the greatest pleasure you may ever feel in your whole life”.
With Love,


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