A talk between me and the stars

img_20170124_213418It’s the night when I was sitting under the shade of stars.

Thinking, why not me as important as others are important to me.

Stars replied, Girl, do others have millions of listeners?

But you were present for half of the day, I said.

Others don’t even have this opportunity miss! ,stars replied.

Hey Mr. Golden! don’t you feel so cherished with lots of friends,I asked.

Well! Girl, you will never be able to feel what I feel, he said.I agree.

But you are the boss, you are unique, you are golden, you always shine first what should be better than this, I asked again.

Oh dear girl, I am not the boss, I have responsibility, I shine, so that others can shine, I have to shine one hour before them, you just can’t imagine the effort, he said. I agree.

My boss is moon,we all depend on moon. Girl, everybody has its own importance. He said

Just shine as we do, just dance as we do.

Just do your responsibilities as we do, let other people talk to you, as you do with us.

We are not so important to all the people in world.

Now, just for this time, me and you important to each other. ….

Coz I got a new friend, and you got a new Road,he said.

Goodnight dear, meet you next night,and I turn out of my dream with a new start.



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